How does a franchise work?

As a franchisee you will run your own branch of Crafty Cooks Ltd. Each term you’ll receive a list of the terms recipes and activity ideas, taking the stress of planning away from you. You are in charge of finding venues, setting classes advertising and booking them as well as running them, of course! By running a franchise you eradicate the main stresses and start up delays as everything is there for you, already done. You have the backing of a brand and the support to get you going and keep you going without the constraints and demands of set working patterns. each franchisee follows the same termly recipe plan to keep consistency within the franchise system, there is scope for you to decide on your weeks activity session from a long list of tried and tested activities, or, you can try setting your own, we just ask that anything new is OK’ed by HQ first!

Opportunities throughout the UK

Crafty Cooks is a new and exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to start their own business running cookery classes for children, have great fun, and make a very worthwhile wage. We are looking for dynamic, fun people with a love of little children and a passion for cooking, to run their own branch of Crafty Cooks.

As a franchisee you will receive everything you need to get your business up and
running, an exclusive territory and of course plenty of ongoing support. We have a great forum established to provide a real community where class leaders can share experiences, ideas and feel part of a team. Classes can be run at your home or in a local hall.

Franchisee opportunities are now available throughout the UK with competitive start up costs of £3,495, to help you on your feet and running a successful business, as quickly as possible.

If this sounds the type of business you’d like to run, do contact us. We’re looking for franchises throughout the UK.

What our franchisees say: I was facing redundancy whilst still on maternity leave and the prospect of finding another job that fitted around me and my young family felt like near impossible. Then I saw an advertisement for Crafty Cooks and I had a light-bulb moment; I’d always wanted to be my own boss but never been in the situation to give up a stable income (thanks to redundancy that decision was made for me), I love kids and am absolutely bonkers about cooking. I thought about it for a few weeks before contacting Anna and since then it’s been go, go, go. I’m just about to embark on my first Summer Holiday sessions and they’re nearly full, my term time classes are filling up and I’m confident they’ll be full. I love the fact that I can work the hours that suit me. Yes there’s been a lot of work put in but it really feels different and the support from Anna is incredible. If you are thinking about doing Crafty Cooks all I would say is “do it” we’re an evolving group and I feel privileged to have joined at such an exciting time in the life of Crafty Cooks, plus you’ll get all the help you need from Anna and hopefully a bit from us too!

Can I do the job with my children present?
Although in an ideal world this would be fantastic, the reality of having your child with you can be stressful for you, and unprofessional to the people who’s class you are taking. Even the mildest mannered child can have a tantrum/bump their head/fill their nappy and if they do you have to deal it whilst the class are left waiting! Some ways around it are to have a friend or family member come along to take charge – or maybe a friend of your child with their parent so the parent can then look after your child if needs be, though this does only work to give them the class experience, rather than a full time affair!

How large a territory would I get?
Each franchisee is allocated an exclusive territory, these are calculated through a population per postcode computer postcode.

What support will I receive?
I love the process of getting people going and am a slave to night time e-mails! Most of the team have young children so there is no such thing as office hours! I’m always here if you have questions and to give support. We also have a forum for all the leaders to go onto and discuss and brainstorm together, making you more a part of a team.

What is the format of the class?
The children come in and will have bowls of pre-weighed ingredients. Each week they will normally weigh out one extra ingredient. The kids will all make the food, with parents present for the little one, and then we’ll stick them in the oven. Whilst the food cooks we’ll do an activity, teaching the children where the ingredients we use come from, how we taste and encouraging them to try a whole range of foods – great for fussy eaters!

What training do I receive? Do I need any qualifications?
The main thing is an interest in cooking and a love of little children – you need to be patient and have a good sense of humour. Every franchisee will receive training with me until they feel comfortable to go out and do the job. This will cover all aspects from advertising, to running the class. You will need a CRB check which is done specifically through Crafty Cooks and also a first aid certificate and basic hygiene certificate which can usually be obtained through a day course with your local council.

• For information on set up costs and what you receive for this, please contact me: