Terms & Conditions

Payments are non-refundable unless under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class leader. Completed forms and a deposit to cover the cost of the first class is required to secure a place. Any classes missed due to holidays or ill health are non refundable. This refers to group cancellations also. In the event of a class leader having to cancel a class, a refund or credit towards the following term will be issued. Whilst in class parents/carers are responsible for any child in their care. To adhere to health and safety standards parents/carers must ensure that long hair is tied back at all times and children refrain from eating any mixture containing raw eggs. Where a child has a food allergy, the parent/carer must ensure Crafty Cooks is made aware of this when signing up. The accompanying adult is, at all times, responsible for ensuring the food used is suitable for the child. Existing customers will be given first refusal of their space the following term.


Parents/carers are responsible for informing Crafty Cooks of any allergies within the group. Booking will be confirmed on receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit. Should a Crafty Cooks representative be forced to cancel a party due to emergency or illness a full refund will be issued in addition to a 50% discount on a new party, on a date to be agreed, within a six month period.

Allergy protocol for Crafty Cooks

We are always keen to help families where allergies are an issue and understand the dangers involved. When signing up a child for a class or workshop it is important that any allergies are made known to the class leader. People’s wants and needs vary, for some parents they feel it very important for their child to be in an environment with the allergens, with their own personal substitution, so that their child can begin to understand what they can and cannot have, whilst some parents prefer the room to be completely free of the particular food. It is the parents responsibility to discuss with teh class leader any allergy issues they may have. In cases of a gluten free diet children will be asked to bring their own flour to class each week to safe guard everyone against contamination in storage, they will weigh out first to avoid contamination on the scales. Children with allergies will have their food cooked on the top shelf to avoid any contamination, falling from the trays above. In the case of dairy free, we can make substitutions, most usually personally but if you would prefer the substitutions to apply to the whole class, please ensure you discuss this before the start of term. All foods are nut free, however many ingredients may have traces of nuts, if this is not suitable for your child, again it is vital you discuss this with us. Where an allergy is present within the room, the class will be made aware of this to avoid them bringing in snacks that may put a child at risk, if you would prefer to keep this confidential please inform us.